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A learning process that enables one, typically highly-experienced person to share their expertise, knowledge and skills with another individual in order to benefit the latter's professional development.

In effect, mentoring provides a mentee with an internship in metacognition; it gives the less seasoned practitioner the opportunity to benefit from clinical experience, thought and critical analysis of the mentor to hasten their own evolution as a mental health provider.

  • To further the professional development by increasing competence and perspective
  • To develop the capacity to translate theory and evidence into productive actions
  • To complement ongoing formal academic study and training activities
  • To develop new and/or different perspectives on efficient practice from a seasoned practitioner schooled in teaching therapy ideas and methods
  • To provide personalized feedback specific to real actions taken with clients
  • To offer a 'sounding board' to test case formulation and problem prioritization

The mentoring provided by mentors via CR&CT is created and intended to teach, inspire, motivate and enhance the skill sets of clinicians and students. It is not intended to serve, and does not serve, as a formal supervision of clinical practices, ethics, etc. for persons requiring clinical supervision as part of a formal requirement to establish competency in clinical practice. It is not a formal supervisory relationship as the mentor does not have direct access to client files or to clients themselves and does not have formal authority or signing responsibility for the decisions and actions of the mentee clinician.

The supervisors at CR&CT are biased in favour of evidence-based and empirically supported practices. They favour CBT, specifically RE&CBT, over other therapeutic approaches, based on evidence and personal inclinations.

All have practiced clinically for many years, and have written articles, books, training programs, online programs, etc. as well. All share a no-nonsense interpersonal style that allows straight-forward, time-efficient, yet never crude or insulting exchanges with mentees.

Group mentoring allows for economies of scale, and is therefore more cost effective, but individual mentoring will also be considered.

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