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Clinical Supervision

Supervision affords the opportunity for a less-experienced clinician to benefit from the extensive experience of another clinician.

Supervision, as it is defined here, refers to the process of supervision of clinical interventions based on the RE&CBT model, as advocated by the Albert Ellis Institute. Specifically, this involves the 'supervisor' listening to and evaluating the details of a specific counselling session conducted by the 'supervisee'. The 'supervisor' then offers detailed feedback and recommendations to the supervisee in order to help that supervisee more effectively practice RE&CBT.

Supervision is intended to elevate the skills of case formulation, treatment planning, and clinical intervention for those wishing to practice RE&CBT with greater fidelity to the models.

Professionals who have completed the introductory REBT Practicum and are planning to complete the more advanced training are required to have completed several supervised sessions by the International Association for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (IAREBT).

Typically, the supervisee will record audio and/or video sessions and forward each session to the supervisor. Following review, the recorded session will be returned it to the supervisee with a written evaluation. The number of sessions and session length is determined by the International Association for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (IAREBT). Individuals seeking supervision to further develop their practice of RE&CBT will discuss the specifics of their learning plan with the individual supervisor.

A request for supervision is usually processed quickly and can begin within a month of application. However, if demand is particularly high, you will be informed of this when you apply, and you may be placed on a wait list.

Clinical and consulting rates vary across countries, states, provinces, and cities. The costs of mentoring and supervision are in line with normal clinical and consulting rates. Due to a variation in supervision fees, we request that you contact us for more information.