Customized Training

What is On-Demand Custom Training Development?

The Centre faculty have authored a number of custom-developed training programs. Because of their many years of experience in the development of classroom trainings, online trainings and interactive educational software programs, the team always gives special emphasis to the "comprehensibility" of the material in their trainings.

All requests for custom training are forwarded to the Centre’s development team for consideration. The team will work with the client to define the scope of the project. The team will brainstorm various approaches that may suit the particular training. Through discussions with the client the team will determine the training content, goals and objectives as well as characteristics of the learner group.

Once these and other course requirements are clearly defined, and the target budget is presented, a firm timeline commitment is typically made. Interim deliverables and other opportunities for contact between the team and the client are built into every project.

A member of the team will have regular, predictable contact with you, the client, as agreed at the outset of the project. The teams numerous years of experience in the development of trainings, both online and conventional, have laid a foundation for successful project execution. Although our team brings considerable expertise to training development, ultimately, you, the client, have final say over what goes into your training program.

Will your team adapt to an already-existing Training Program?

Whether creating a program "from scratch", or adapting an existing program, the team will bring its learner-centric, evidence-influenced focus to any project that is accepted. Our preference is to develop training programs that incorporate evidence-influenced mental health practices as applied to rational emotive and cognitive behaviour therapy. Our team members have developed programs that have addressed specific populations. These include: evidence-influenced correctional rehabilitation practices, anger disorders and emotion regulation and substance abuse intervention training.

The Centre’s team incorporates evidence influenced content. The content is based on current empirical research.

What are Evidence-Influenced Programs?

Wikipedia provides this relevant definition: The term evidence-based practice (EBP) or empirically-supported treatment (EST) refers to preferential use of mental and behavioral health interventions for which systematic empirical research has provided evidence of statistically significant effectiveness as treatments for specific problems.

Simply put, programs whose contents are based on, derived from, or consistent with evidence are those favoured by the team.

Trainings at Your Site

The Centre faculty can provide REBT Certificate training and/or custom trainings at your location. Please contact us for details at